Aug 3, 2017


This guitar is a vessel that makes me
Sail the seas of my dreams wide awake
You turned my world to a monsoon storm
Ravishing my heart for a higher purpose
You call me home and I turn a deaf ear
I wanna curl here and far, hide and seek
You make me sick to my stomach
I ache and shiver but tears don't fall
As I strive to unfurl the mysteries at play
I feel like running away in the moist woods
And softly lay looking at the moon and stars


Jul 30, 2017

Belated Babe

My gut feels as if you're butterfly
I know you are fleeting splendor
And to my heart you're bull's eye
I can see your pain and your anger
As if your wrinkles erased your smile
No one has to endure alone ever
Hug and fight wiser than a juvenile
If my highs went faster I'll get closer
Not until I can hold your stares with glee
If your thighs got tighter, we'll swear stronger
Til next summer buzz cute and work like a bee


Jul 13, 2017

Sorrow's exile

Your eyes are my ice bucket challenge
Am I allowed to drown in for a change?
Effortlessly you stretched your hand
Promised me your dreams with a smile
Radiated wise energy, sorrow's exile
From tonight on shines a mystic wand
Where do we meet? a constellation
Bringing consciousness where lazy minds sleep
Pouring kindness on sore hearts that weep
Tirelessly lighting the fire is your mission


Jul 10, 2017

the old master

There's something broken in you
I can feel it on your uneven face
There's something broken in you
That sorrow I want to embrace
I'd like to know why and heal
I won't rip off your mask yet
Let it slide at my feet, unreal
There's something broken in you
You can not lie to me, reveal


Searching for peace on a piano touch, and sliding into introspective mood under the full moon.
Life is both awesome and troublesome.

I crave people who know what they do and do what they know. Knowledge is an antidote to conditioning. It may mean a full stop to dreams until we recreate them around the last dead end.

Jan 31, 2017


Can you feel both side of your brain at the same time?
Consciously focusing on abstract wording on one hand
And innerly visualizing colorful emotions on another
Subliminal consciousness for your abstraction crave

The exhilaration of traveling was turned into mourning
It is a mix of pain and sadness at seeing land dying
And peaceful satisfaction of knowing true as always
It lingers too long on the soul that quiet crying
Speaking like millennial trees I learned the old ways

Trust no one but your gut if you forget then smell
Like the cat who doesn't know Coriolis and gravity
Like a chameleon who doesn't know lights spectrum 
We don't need fools nor gurus to feed and heal